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Hiring The Best Website Design Plymouth

What Should You Expect?

Are you looking for the best website design Plymouth? Well, you’ve started in the right place. Ooooh digital marketing are based in Plymouth, UK. We specialize in website design for small to medium sized businesses. We also produce promotional videos for our clients.
So, why should you hire us? You should hire us simply because we are the top rated firm that delivers professional web design. But then, there are so many website design firms out there, what sets us apart from them? What should you reasonably expect from us?

Well, first of all, we understand how important your website is to your marketing plan. Choosing the right website design can make a huge difference to your ROI (return on investment). Good web design attracts traffic, while a poorly designed one drives people away.
A top rated web designer  should have the following skill sets or qualities…

SEO (Search engine optimisation).

At Ooooh, we are very good at SEO and incorporate good SEO practices into every aspect of our web design. The best Plymouth web design firm should be able to handle both on-page and off-page SEO. We do everything in-house and don’t outsource any aspect of the web design, including the SEO.

Video Marketing

A proper web design firm should be just as good at digital marketing as it is at the other aspects of web design. They should know how to structure the content, images and navigation for maximum effect, in order to influence a majority of your customers. Video marketing is another important aspect of web design, as a well made 30-second video is much more powerful than a 1000-word text article. At Ooooh, we specialize in producing promotional videos and other video content.


You can trust our web development team implicitly. We have a very professional and reputable team that is very strong on ethics. Our web developers and designers always look at your best interests and ensure that everything is done right the first time. They are well trained, courteous and knowledgeable, and keep you informed about any new update or changes to the website design.

Content Management

Content management is an important part of the web design. We handle this for you and ensure that you get only the most up-to-date, original and top rated content. If you’d rather take care of the content management yourself, that is okay as well – this decision is left entirely to you.

Coding & Development

Now, when our development team plans the website design, their #1 focus is on the functionality, making sure that every aspect of the design functions smoothly. We consider coding and development to be one of our main specialties, and we are very good at Responsive Web Design. Responsive Web Design ensures that your website is compatible with all mobile devices. This is important because over 50 percent of your target customers are likely to view the website on an iPhone or Android device. Google has come up with a new update which evaluates your website’s compatibility with mobile phones. So, whether your website is “Mobile Friendly” or not decides your position on Google’s SERPs (search engine results pages).

Graphic Design

Now, art is something very subjective, when someone looks at a website, they will either love it or hate it, depending on the graphic design. Keeping this in mind, at Ooooh, we have a team of highly talented graphic designers. Our graphic design is such that it appeals to a larger cross section of your target audience.

So these are just some of the reasons why you should hire us at Ooooh for the best website design Plymouth. Our web developers and designers are talented and highly qualified and have several years of experience in the industry. Just fill out this form or call us at 01752 939673 for a free consultation.